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Sandcrabs' Senior Golf Association

Golf for gentlemen & ladies over 50 years of age

Constitution and By Laws


Constitution and By Laws

June 2017


             The Sandcrabs, a self-supporting nonprofit organization, schedules approximately 24 golf tournaments each year.  Membership entitles you to compete with other members to get on the Play List for a tournament.  You are not guaranteed the right to play in the next tournament unless you have signed the top of your score card, and we are within the prescribed number of players allowed for that golf course.

 Article III Membership

             a.  Membership Limit: Active membership is limited to 180.

             b.  Membership Application: Individuals seeking to become a member must submit a membership application to the Secretary, who will place them on the waiting list to join.

            c.  Membership Initiation Article I Name

            The name of this organization shall be Sandcrab Seniors Golf Association, hereinafter referred to as Sandcrabs.


Article II Purpose

            The purpose of the Sandcrabs is to promote interest, fair play and fellowship in the game of golf as a non-profit organization.


Article III Membership

            (1) Membership is open to all golfers over 50 years of age.

            (2) The Executive Committee will determine new members initiation fee and member?s annual dues.

            (3) Members, who have not paid their dues by January 31, of each  year, will be dropped from the membership roster.  Members may request an exception for extenuating circumstances by submitting a written explanation to the Executive Committee.


Article IV Officers

            (1) The elected Officers of the Sandcrabs shall be:


Vice President



Handicap Chairman

            (2) The elected officers constitute the Executive Committee and shall have the authority to act for the Sandcrabs, within the parameters of the Constitution and By-laws.

            (3) The Executive Committee shall fill any vacancy occurring on the committee during the year.  The appointment will expire on December 31 of the year appointed.


Article V Nominations, Elections, and Term of Office

            (1) The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee during the first week of August of each year.  The Nominating Committee shall consist of two members from the Executive Committee, and  two members at large. The President will appoint the chairperson of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee Chairman will notify the President of the recommended candidates for election no later than the day before the last tournament in September.

            (2) The Nominating Committee will select one candidate for each elective office and will have the consent of each nominee.  Additional nominees will be accepted from the floor.

            (3) The slate of officers shall be announced to the membership at the last tournament in September.  All officers shall be elected by a majority vote of members present voting at the first regular tournament in October.

            (4) The term of office shall be for one year, starting on January 1st after the election and ending December 31 of that year.


Article VI Duties of the Officers

            (1) The President shall:      

                        (a) Preside at all regular Sandcrabs meetings.

                        (b) Schedule Executive Committee meetings during the first ten days of January, April, July and October of each year.

                        (c) Appoint members at large to serve on the standing committees.

                        (d) Promote good public relations.

                        (e) Appoint a committee of members at large to audit the Treasurer?s books during the last week of March, June, September and December of each year.


                        (f) With the approval of the Executive Committee, fill vacancies on the Executive Committee, as occurring.

            (2) The Vice President shall:

                        (a) Perform all duties assigned by the President.

                        (b) Assume the duties of the President in his absence.

          (c) Assist the Handicap Chairman in the preparation of all  golf  tournaments and all matters   pertaining to handicap records.           

                       (d)  Will update and maintain the Sandcrabs Web site.

                       (e)  Assume the duties of the Handicap Chairman in his absence.

              (5)  The Secretary shall:       

                        (a) Keep proper records of all Sandcrabs and Executive Committee meetings.

                        (b) Prepare required correspondence.

                        (c) Maintain a waiting list of individuals seeking to join the Sandcrabs.

                        (d) Maintain and publish an accurate roster of the Sandcrabs Membership.

                        (e) Maintain the Sandcrab Seniors Golf Association and Tournament Rules.

                        (f) Forward a copy of the results from each tournament to the Pensacola News Journal.

                      (g) Provide person updating points list on web site updated copy after each tournament.

                     (h)  Email members copy of each tournament results.

            (5) The Treasurer shall:

                        (a) Keep an accurate accounting of all moneys received and disburse funds as directed by the Executive Committee.

                        (b) Provide a statement of the Sandcrabs financial position at Executive Committee meetings and make it available to the general membership upon request.

                        (c) Ensure the Sandcrabs have sufficient funds available on January 1st of the following year to pay for the first tournament played during the New Year.

                         (d) Maintain the Treasurer?s books.

                        (e) Ensure that the account is audited in accordance with these Constitution and Bylaws.        

            (6) The Handicap Chairman shall:

                        (a) Prepare the Play List for each tournament.

                        (b) Maintain the Standby List for each tournament and call   members on the Standby List, in the order in which they have signed up, to replace cancelled players and/or to complete the Play List.

                        (c) Ensure that the maximum number of players for each scheduled tournament is not exceeded.             

                        (d) Ensure that the database has the member?s handicap current.

                        (e) Ensure that a handicap score card is prepared for each player playing in each tournament.

                        (f) Ensure that the Play List for each tournament is divided into four flights with approximately the same number of players per flight.



Article VII Standing Committees and Responsibilities

(1) Constitution and By-laws and Association and Tournament Rules Committee:

                                    (a) Consist of the Vice-President (Chairperson), Handicap Chairman, and the Secretary. The Secretary will provide administrative support.

                                    (b) Review all recommended changes submitted from the membership and forward all recommendations to the Executive Committee.

                                    (c) Meet in the last week of September of each year to review the Constitution and By-laws and the Association and Tournament Rules, and submit any recommended changes to the Executive Committee.

(2) Christmas Party Committee:

                                    (a) Consist of the President (Chairperson), Treasurer, and the Secretary.

                                    (b) Make Recommendations to the Executive Committee on the location for the next year?s Christmas Party and Christmas Party Tournament.

                                    (c) Prepare the annual Christmas Party plan including the selection of the meal, identifying the prizes to be given to all paid Christmas party members and the total funds to be expended on the party.  The Christmas Party plan shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval no later than the first week of October.

                                   (d) Purchase all prizes to be awarded to members at the Christmas Party no later than two weeks before the scheduled Christmas Party

(3) Sandcrabs Tournament Schedule Committee:

                                    (a) Consist of the President (Chairperson), the Vice-                                             president, and the Secretary.


                                    (b) Prepare the planned next year?s Tournament Schedule, including the golf courses which will be  contacted, the proposed maximum dollars the Sandcrabs will pay per golf course per  tournament, and the proposed location of the Christmas Party Tournament.  Submit the plan to the Executive Committee before the July Executive Committee meeting.

                                     (c) After Executive Committee approval, contact the golf courses and contract for the Sandcrabs? annual Tournament Schedule.

                                     (d) Complete the next year?s tournament schedule no later than October 30th and ensure that the new schedule in printed and ready for distribution to the membership no later than the first tournament in December.

 Article VII Jurisprudence

             (1) All meetings will be conducted in accordance with Robert?s Rules of Order.

             (2) If any member becomes disenchanted with the Sandcrabs, for any reason, he will be invited to air his grievance before the Executive Committee. If the problem cannot be satisfactorily resolved, the member may request that his membership dues are returned and his membership revoked.


Article VIII Amendments


                        (1) The Sandcrab Seniors Golf Association and Tournament Rules may be amended at any time by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.


 Association and Tournament Rules

April 14, 2016

Article I Purpose

             To document the Sandcrab Seniors Golf Association and Tournament Rules approved by the Executive Committee.

 Article II Information

Fee: New members will pay $50, which includes a $25 initiation fee and $25 for the first year?s dues.

             d.  Membership Annual Dues: Annual dues are $25 and are due January 1 of each year. Dues must be paid before a member can play in a January tournament.  Failure to pay annual dues by January 31 will result in the member being dropped from Sandcrabs roster.  Dropped members must submit a new application to rejoin. 


            e.  Membership Tournament Play Requirements: All members must meet the following tournament play requirements:

                         (1) Play a minimum of eight (8) tournaments during the calendar year to be eligible for membership the following year.  Members who do not play in eight tournaments will be dropped from the roster at the end of the year.  Dropped members must submit a new application for membership to rejoin.                        

            f.   Membership Reinstatement Requests: All dropped members may submit a request for reinstatement to the Executive Committee as follows:


                        (1) All requests must be in writing and must be received by the Secretary no later than 30 days after the date the member was dropped from the roster.  The reinstatement request must contain the reason(s) for the member missing ten consecutive tournaments; and advise when he/she will be able to return to playing in tournaments.


                        (2) The Executive Committee will review and vote on each request for reinstatement.  No additional dues will be required of reinstated members for that calendar year.

                         (3) The Secretary will submit the member?s name to the Handicap chairman who will schedule reinstated members to play in the next available tournament.  Reinstated members must meet all other membership requirements to be eligible to renew their membership for the following year.

                         (4) All members not reinstated by the Executive Committee may submit a new application to rejoin.  He will then be put on the waiting list to join.


Article IV Tournament Rules


            a.  Tournament Cost: The cost of each tournament will normally be $35.00 to members unless changed by the Executive Committee with the approval of the membership.


            bTournament Play: Tournament play will be a shotgun start on all 18 holes.  All members must keep up with the group in front of them and avoid slow play and complete play within five (5) hours of starting time. After the five (5) hours scores will be posted and prizes awarded.  Members and/or groups completing play after the close of score posting will not be eligible to win in their flight.


            cTournament Rules: Tournaments will be played in accordance with USGA Rules unless modified by the President of Sandcrabs  or the golf course official, due to golf course conditions.  If the golf course official requires members to keep their golf carts on the cart paths at all times due to wet course conditions, the tournament play will include lift, clean and place your ball.  Members will adhere to all golf course rules and dress codes.


            d. Dress Code: We are guests at the golf courses that we  play, therefore, all members will strictly adhere to the special rules and dress codes of the golf courses.  Blue jeans, shorts, and shirts without collars are not normally considered appropriate dress at most golf courses and for Sandcrabs tournaments.


            e. Tees: All Sandcrabs male members will ?tee? off   from the ?senior? tees.   Female members will ?tee? off from the ?red? tees.


            f. Player Score Cards: Tournament players will not enter scores on their cards.  Score cards will be traded with other players in the assigned group. Each player is responsible for their scores and must sign their own card.


            gGuests:  A Sandcrab member may bring (2) guest per golf outing.     Also, member may bring guest unlimited times during the year.  Guests will pay $35 to play.  Members must contact the Handicap Chairman to ensure that space is available for the guest.  


            hRiding Carts: All tournament players must ride in carts.  Walking the course will not be allowed during a Sandcrabs? tournament, unless there is an equipment failure.


             i.  Mulligan:  Each player will receive one mulligan (a second shot) during each tournament.  The mulligan may be taken at any time to replace an errant shot.  If a ball appears lost or out-of-bounds, a player may hit a provisional mulligan until he determines the status of his original ball.  If the player determines that the original ball is not lost or out-of-bounds, he must play the original ball.  Once a player declares that he is hitting his mulligan, he may not play his original ball.


            j.  Red Tee BusterEach player may choose one hole, per tournament, from which to tee off from the red tees.          


            j.  Clubs:   No limit to the number of clubs a player may have.


            kPutts: Putts which are within the length of the grip of the putter,  a distance of approximately twelve (12) inches, may be conceded without having to putt out. However, once a player?s score equals a double bogey, he will pick up his ball and go the next hole.


            l. Tournament No Show Penalty: Once a player has signed up to play in a tournament he must cancel his play to avoid a ?no show? penalty.  To cancel, he must notify the Handicap Chairman no later than 6:00 p.m. on the day before the tournament. Failure to notify the Handicap Chairman before the cut off time will result in $10 fine for the ?no show.?  The member?s record will be flagged, and the fine must be paid before playing in his next tournament.


            mMoving the Golf Ball: You may roll (bump) your golf ball one (1) score card length with your golf club any place on the golf course except in a hazard, when on the green, to get onto the green or when the ball is out of bounds.  When you move the ball, you must not intentionally improve your lie through the green.  If you are behind a tree, you must keep the tree between you and the green.  You must move the ball with your club and not pick it up and place it.  If the ball is out of bounds, you cannot roll it back in bounds.


            n. Soft Spikes or No Spikes: All members of Sandcrabs will wear soft spikes or no spikes at all tournaments.


            o. Consecutive Play:  Holes shall be played consecutively.  There will be no skipping holes and coming back to play later.  Slow players allow faster players to play through.


            p. Tournament Cancellation Procedures

                        (1) Who will Cancel Tournaments. The President, in consultation with the Golf Course Professional, will determine when a golf tournament must be canceled due to inclement weather.  After the decision to cancel is made, the President will notify the members of the Executive Committee for appropriate action.

                        (2) Tournaments Cancelled before the day of the  tournament.   When a tournament is canceled before the day of play, all members on the Play List will receive a telephone call advising them that the tournament has been cancelled.  Each player on the cancelled tournament Play List will also be asked if they want to be placed on the Play List for the next tournament. 

                        (3) Tournament Cancelled on the day of the tournament.   If a tournament is cancelled after registration and payment of tournament fees, the Sandcrabs will retain tournament fees and the members will be given credit towards playing in their next tournament and put on the play list.  Members not showing up at the tournament site will be put on a standby list and called by the Handicap chairman.

Article V Tournament Flights and Scoring

            a.  Tournament Flights: All tournaments will be divided into four equal flights (A, B, C, and D) based on the Points to Pull (PTP) Handicap.

            b.  Tournament Scoring: Tournament scoring will be based on the  number of strokes taken on each hole as follows:

                        Zero (0) points for double bogey and above

                        One (1) point for a bogey

                        Two (2) points for a par

                        Four (4) points for a birdie

                        Six (6) points for an eagle

                        Six (6) points for a hole-in-one on a Par 3 hole         

                        Eight (8) points for a double eagle

            c.  Tournament Score Adjustments: All tournament scores, which  exceed minus seven (7) points, will be reduced to a minus seven (7) when computing the PTP Handicap.  (Example:  If a member?s PTP is 20 and he pulls only 11 points during a tournament.  His score will be adjusted to 13 when computing his next tournament PTP Handicap.)  All tournament plus points will be counted when computing the PTP Handicap.

Article VI Tournament Points to Pull (PTP) Handicap

            a.  Points to Pull Handicap: Each member?s PTP Handicap will be the average of his or her last five tournament scores, except for new members, and is based on the 36 points system for 18 holes of  golf.

              b.  New members: All new members must complete one round of play with the Sandcrabs before being eligible to win prizes.  The new member?s first round  will be used to establish the PTP handicap for their second tournament, and they are eligible to win.

Article VII Tournament Registration

            a.  Tournament Sign Up Lists:

                        (1) Play List: The Play List for the next tournament is made up of those players that signed the top of their score card at the previous tournament. To fill out the field, player?s names will be taken off the standby list in the order which they were put on.  Players on the standby list will be contacted by the Handicap Chairman either by phone or Email the week of the tournament.

                        (2) Standby List: There will be a Standby list on the registration table at each tournament. A member who is unable to play or attend the tournament site to place  his or her  name on the Play List for the next tournament  may have another member place his/her name on the Standby List for that tournament.  

                       (3)  Cancellation: Cancellations can be made up to 6 p.m. on the day before the tournament.  Members who desire to become last minute replacements, on the morning of the tournament, must arrive early and sign in as possible replacements at the Tournament Registration table.  Replacements will be called in the order they sign up at the tournament site.

            b.  Registration Times:  Payment of tournament fees, pick up of  member?s score card and hole assignments will begin at 06:45.  Registration will close at 07:45.

Article VIII Tournament Prize Awards

            a. Prize Awards: Prizes for each flight will normally be gift certificates to purchase merchandise in the golf course pro shop.  The prize money per player is determined by the number of players in the tournament divided by four will be the prize money for each flight.  Prizes will be awarded to the top five golfers in each flight.  Exceptions can be made by the President to increase payout to six places.  There will be no ties.  All ties will be resolved by the best score on the handicap holes, starting with the number one handicap hole and so forth until one player has a better score on the handicap hole than the other.

            b. Par 3 Closest-to-the-Pin Prize Award: Two of the par three holes on the course will be designated as closest-to the-pin hole for Flights A and B and the other two par three holes will be for  Flights  C and D.  The player in those flights who is closest-to-the-pin, on the green, or makes a hole-in- one will receive a gift certificate.  Members may use their mulligan on the par three holes and receive the closest-to-the-pin prize. Amount of the gift certificate will be determined by the Executive  Committee.

            c. Hole-In-One Prize Money: Each member making a Hole-In-One will receive $100. Members making a hole-in-one with their mulligan will receive the hole-in-one prize money.

Article IX Annual Christmas Party

            a. Annual Christmas Party: The annual Christmas Party will be held, before Christmas, with a scheduled December golf tournament.  Members are not required to play in the Christmas tournament in order to attend the Christmas Party.

            b.  Christmas Party Reservation Fee: Each member, planning to attend the Christmas party, will be assessed a reservation fee.   The reservation fee, to be determined by the Executive Committee, is non-refundable unless the member cancels his reservation a minimum of seven days before the party. All funds collected will be used to help defray the cost of the party.

            c.  Christmas Party Door Prizes: All members who pay the  reservation fee can attend the Christmas Party.   The Executive Committee will determine the quantity and type of door prizes based on the money available.  To be eligible for a gift a player must have completed eight (8) tournaments.  Players have until the completion of the last tournament in Nov to qualify to receive a gift at Christmas.

            d.  Christmas Golf Tournament: Fees to play in the Christmas Party  Golf Tournament will be the same as all other tournaments. There will be no reduced rate for the Christmas tournament.

Article X - Inclement Weather, Electrical Storm and/or Rain Out Procedures

            a.  Electrical Storm and/or Rain Out Procedures: Tournament play will immediately stop and players must seek shelter when lightning or an electrical storm approaches. The  President  in  consultation with the Golf Course Professional, will determine if  tournament play will continue and/or make the final decision on when to cancel tournament play.  All players stopping play and departing the golf course, before the tournament is cancelled, may not win a prize.  Once the tournament is cancelled, all players must stop play and players will be advised to return to the clubhouse.  Scores on all cancelled tournaments of less than 18 holes will not be used to update member?s PTP handicap and prize award procedures will be as follows:


                        (1) President completes less than nine holes: The tournament will normally be canceled, payment is not normally required by the golf course, and each player will receive credit towards playing in his next tournament.  The tournament may be rescheduled.

                        (2) President completes nine holes but less than eighteen  holes and the event is declared a tournament: The number of holes used to score the tournament will be the players first 9 holes. Prize award procedures will be as  follows:

                                    (a) Each player's total score on the first nine will be used to determine the tournament scores. (Holes not played will receive a zero and additional holes above the first nine will not be used in the score.)

                                    (b) Points scored on the first nine holes will  be doubled, then subtracted from PTP to determine the players plus or minus score.

                                    (c) Closest-to-the-pin prizes for all par three holes will not be awarded.                  

                                    (d) Tie breaking scores will be determined by a coin flip by the member scoring the flight.


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